Lost in Ardmore…

I have often thought of writing a blog, mainly because I love to write. But equally I have always wondered if blogs are just self-indulgent things where people who think they have something important to say, say it..? Latterly though, I have concluded that that is an unfair summation, and more than this, I have decided that if I’m gonna be serious about this writing lark, then I actually need to get my act together and put my work out there by whatever means necessary.

But I don’t like it. Standing on my proverbial soap box does not rest easily with me. I don’t like to be seen. Or heard. I’m happy to leave that to those who enjoy the warmth of the limelight. And if you’re a limelight lover, then I applaud your fiesty bravery.

What I love to do is write, it is my medium of choice for being quietly heard. I am reluctantly beginning to believe, however, that the two things must go hand in hand. I cannot write my books and hope that somebody finds them – I’m not that naïve… So I shall blog, and I shall add my voice to my writing, and make myself heard, if that is what it takes. I love the books I have written, and the characters I have created. I love their personalities and their fire. And I owe it to them to help them be heard too. So here it is, my first blog post – my children will be so proud of their technologically challenged mamma..!!  🙂




8 thoughts on “Lost in Ardmore…

  1. I hear you! Writing can be a love hate relationship. I love to write myself, but getting up on a soap box and shouting about it is daunting and somewhat uncomfortable. Unfortunately, that is the way of things these days. 🙋😊


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