Lessons From Lincoln (the dog, not the president)

…because this morning I had to bring Lincoln to the kennels, and I was early, so I did something I rarely do – I slowed down. I set cruise control for 60mph on the motorway, and 45mph on smaller roads, and as other vehicles flew past at a rate of knots, I resisted the urge to put my foot on the throttle, and I talked to the dog, and looked around me. I saw houses I have never noticed before, and I noticed how beautiful the wispy clouds were, and I audibly thanked God for having time to slow down. Because life just goes so fast… And sometimes, going fast causes pile ups – like the one I saw on the flyover at exit 10 this morning, with the poor girl strapped to a back board and being hoisted into an ambulance. Going too fast didn’t get her to where she was going any quicker – in fact, it slowed her down, bless her. So for today, I want to slow down, take note, observe the scenery – and avoid crashing…

skies (20)


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